Lesson Planning – help!

When planning lessons for student with a suitable level of challenge, use these help sheets to make it easier!  Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, it is very useful in getting you thinking about how to challenge your students for better outcomes! I hope it helps! Lesson Objectives Help sheet Critical Thinking Help For more help, ideas…

The Singing Classroom’s Blog

Welcome to the blog for The Singing Classroom: Your song collection come to life! Join Our Email… Source: The Singing Classroom’s Blog

Gathering Video Assessment for Reporting

Another great article from Cheryl Burgemeister. Some good ideas here for gathering evidence and getting students to work collaboratively!  Thanks Cheryl! ______________________________________________________________ It’s that time of year again in Australian Schools with mid year reports due. Now that I have finished and sent mine through, I would like to share with you how I use…

Musical Cliches Booklet

The attached Musical Cliches booklet is designed for Y7 students, but could easily be used for Y5/6.  I have linked it to the Gladiator film film trailer (2000) and liked to keyboard and listening work.  There are target setting sheets and NC level descriptors – sorry it hasn’t been updated yet! – but the ideas…

Ted Talks Classical Music, with Benjamin Zander

I saw this Ted Talk by Benjamin Zander about 2 years ago and I was really taken by his passion for music.  He is funny, engaging and very perceptive.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I have watched it many times… Classical Music TED Talk      

Get your students thinking!

Thinking tools for teachers! We all need to get our students thinking during lessons and engaging with music at a higher level.  To do this I feel that a strong routine of regular ‘thinking’ activities need to be present in planning in order for students to get the most from our subject.  The PowerPoint attached…

Bingo Activity

This is an activity I use occasionally with my KS3 classes – good fun…  Why not try it out! BingoActivity

Active Listening Sheet

I found this useful active listening sheet to use with KS2/3 – created by Northern Ireland Curriculum.  I will be using this on Monday! Active Listening Sheet