Critical Thinking Skills

We all what our students to think, question and evaluate their work.  This Critical Thinking Skills sheet helps teachers to design questions that will guide students to a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. Useful for teachers of all subjects! MusEducation Critical Thinking Skills Sheet   For more free resources, why not join the…

How to read music – from Music Notes

Why not have a look at this great resource from Music Notes?  A good way to introduce your students to reading music and working independently! How to Read Sheet Music: Channel Your Inner Musician with These Simple Steps!

Folk Music – Keyboard task

Drunken Sailor Keyboard activity The following resource includes keyboard task sheets with assessment/progress checks, target setting sheets and success criteria.  Students can work independently and teachers can track their progress easily!  I hope it helps!   Folk Music Keyboard task and assessment sheets

EYFS Music Resource

This is an excellent resource!  EYFS planning and resources for the beginner or experiences teacher.  Plenty of ideas!   resource_pack_EYFS_Music_LTP

Nando’s Take-Away Homework

This is a great idea – you can let students choose their own task. You can customize it for your students easily…  Have fun! Nandos Takeaway Homework – PDF nandos-takeaway-homework -Word doc  

Lesson Planning – help!

When planning lessons for student with a suitable level of challenge, use these help sheets to make it easier!  Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, it is very useful in getting you thinking about how to challenge your students for better outcomes! I hope it helps! Lesson Objectives Help sheet Critical Thinking Help For more help, ideas…

The Singing Classroom’s Blog

Welcome to the blog for The Singing Classroom: Your song collection come to life! Join Our Email… Source: The Singing Classroom’s Blog

Gathering Video Assessment for Reporting

Another great article from Cheryl Burgemeister. Some good ideas here for gathering evidence and getting students to work collaboratively!  Thanks Cheryl! ______________________________________________________________ It’s that time of year again in Australian Schools with mid year reports due. Now that I have finished and sent mine through, I would like to share with you how I use…